Panic about tomorrow

Tomorrow I have my first appointment with the community mental health team since my assessment in April. My case worker who did my assessment left the team a few days after my assessment and I wasn’t appointed another one until a fortnight ago.

Despite the fact that my gp had called them multiple times to try to get me an emergency appointment with them…

It took me gathering the courage to call them myself (which I admit I’m not that good at doing) for them to assign me someone.

So I’m seeing a cpn tomorrow afternoon. I’m bricking it. I haven’t had the best of experiences with this team and so don’t have much hope.

Especially cause I want to bring uuo that I may need my medication changed and that I have suspicions that my diagnosis might be different.


4 thoughts on “Panic about tomorrow”

  1. Good luck with your appointment. I have had me talking health difficulties myself but it can get better. Your now is not your forever x


  2. I hope your appointment went well! I find any trip to the GP nerve-wracking, so you’re definitely not alone. I hope you have a great day! xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer


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